What materials do we use to produce foam inserts

Hello, dear customer!

Today we’ll tell you about materials we usr to produce inserts

1) Foamed PET

The cheapest material used: expanded polyethylene. It can be gray or white and vary the thickness of one layer from 10 to 50 mm.

2) Foam

We mainly use black foam rubber with increased rigidity. Such insert does its job perfectly and looks presentable. Foam can be flat or have a pyramid-like surface texture, but such corrugated layers are used only as a flat strip or lid, since holes cut in them spoil their appearance. The thickness of this material is from 5 to 50 mm

3) EVA

The material from which the soles of our sneakers are made. The toughest and most expensive lodgment material. Due to its rigidity and price, it is mainly used for thin layers (up to 10 mm), it can be covered with velvet on top, at an additional cost We produce a huge number of lodgements per month and will help you choose exactly the materials that are best suited for your products. Call us – we are always happy to help! See you !)

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